At First Church United Methodist we Exist, "to make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."


Simply put, we want to Live by Faith, to be Known by Love and be a Light of Hope."


Reaching people of all ages right where they are in order to help them discover the life-changing love of Jesus Christ. 


Connecting people to a faith community where they can develop a relationship with God. 


Helping people intentionally grow in their faith. 


Sending people to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community and the world.

We desire to create a "simple church" which basically means if it doesn't help you to REACH, CONNECT, GROW or SERVE we don't do it. Here is how this practically works out.

At a basic level we want everyone to learn by coming to one of our two morning services on Sunday.

We want you to be involved in discipleship so you can grow in community with others, enrich your faith, and learn to be more like Jesus.

And lastly we want you to serve by using the passions and gifts every person has been given to reach people for Jesus and to build up the ministry of the church. There are many ways to serve from being a greeter, to working in the nursery, creating graphics, to making meals for people. Find something you love to do and serve passionately.


What are the things that we think are the most valuable? What do we focus on here at First Church? What do we believe a church should be doing? The answers to these questions are reflected in our Core Values.

Personal Devotion

Personal Devotion is our quality time with God each day. It usually refers to the discipline of Bible reading and prayer with which Christians start or end their day. Unless we spend time with God, we can never truly learn to love God.

Examples of devotional activities include:

  • Praying -- use the Psalms or other scripture as a guide

  • Journaling

  • Reading a devotional aid

  • Fasting


Corporate Worship

Corporate Worship is coming together with other believers to honor and praise God. There's an element of worship that cannot be experienced in personal devotion. There are some graces and blessings that God gives only when we gather together with other believers. 

Examples of passionate worship include:

  • Attending a church service weekly

    • 9:15 am Sunday - Traditional Service

    • 10:45 am Sunday - Modern Service

  • Holy Communion // Being baptized // Singing hymns or praise songs // Attending a spiritual retreat


Sacrificial Giving

Sacrificial Giving is our generous response to the basic principle of Christian stewardship -- that everything we have is a gift from God. In gratitude for God's generosity, we dedicate a portion of these gifts -- our time, talent and money -- to furthering God's Kingdom.

Examples of tithing personal income and living life simply, generously and sacrificially:

  • Following the 10-10-80 plan for personal income: tithing 10%, saving 10%, and spending 80%

  • Attending a Biblically-based finance class

  • Making a yearly financial commitment to the church

  • Creating a personal budget

  • Cleaning out and giving away household and workspace clutter

  • Donating clothes to a charity resale organization



Serving / Witnessing

Serving / Witnessing are the practical expressions of our love for others. Unless we are serving and witnessing, we are not living out our faith in real and practical ways.

Examples of faithfully and witnessing include:

  • Committing to serve a ministry need found in the 'Called 2 Serve' catalog

  • Serving a ministry through prayer, financial support, donation of supplies, or the giving your time

  • Sponsoring a child

  • Participating in a local, national or international mission trip

  • Identifying and praying for five persons who haven't yet accepted Christ

  • Inviting your family, friends and neighbors to church each week


Vital Relationships

Vital Relationships are THE primary tools for faith development. Through vital relationships, we become stronger, as we help each other through struggles, temptations and shortfalls, and as we encourage one another towards spiritual growth. If you don't do anything else, DO THIS!

Examples of Vital Relationships include:

  • Join a LifeGroup, Covenant Group, or other accountability group

  • Attend a class, a fellowship group, a support group, or a women's or men's retreat or spiritual renewal event

  • Set aside time to spend with family and friends


Personal Development

Personal Development is a way for us to care for our bodies, challenge our minds, and address our destructive behaviors. If we are not living healthily, learning more and dealing with our sin we cannot become more and more like Jesus.

Examples of Personal Development include:

  • Physical

    • Exercise at least 3-5 times a week

    • Get a physical

    • Get plenty of sleep

  • Mental

    • Continuing education

    • Trainings, seminars, and workshops

    • Set yearly career goals

    • Create a reading list

  • Emotional

    • Examine conscience and confess sins daily

    • Practice stress-reducing habits

    • Spend time with people that are optimistic, content, and positive

    • Say 'no'